Five leadership lessons from the Golden State Warriors

14 July 2015

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What the public may have now (for some days) the NBA champions entrepreneurship? According to the magazine INC, many extremely interesting.

The Warriors, at the beginning of this season was for most analysts basketball team with the big hand star (Stephen Curry) but certainly not title contenders. The fact also that the edge of the bench would sit the rookie coach Steve Kerr made analysts point out that this year was more of a year of adjustment and “building” for the future.

The year however ended by bringing the “Fighters of the Golden State» on top of the basketball world and Steve Kerr the absolute forefront.
The question is not how they managed the Warriors and technical leaders to impose their opponents, but the lessons given to all, especially to businesses. Read more what the champions of the NBA “taught” us this year’s .

1. Listen to your employees; all your employees …

Steve Kerr can, as already mentioned, be seated first on the team bench as head coach, but as an athlete has won the top basketball Everest five times. This shows a man who knows very well what pressure, what championship and especially the experiences of a player. This year’s series, when Cleveland Cavaliers were ahead 2-1 victories, Steve Kerr decided just to do what “tied” them from the beginning of the group: to hear the views of players and his staff. Through this discussion was the idea from a young technician the coaching staff … Let’s start with Andre Iguodala in our top five for the first time … The idea and the arguments persuaded Kerr and Golden State stepped “throttle” irrevocably in race to the top.

Businesses, therefore, regardless of whether they have capable and talented resources, should give the opportunity to them to be heard, to propose and act eventually as an end in itself is the rise of the company and not the view of the head.

2. Businesses should make decisions for the common good and not the good of one.

Andre Iguodala is 11 years of professional NBA and beyond AllStar player has been included twice in the best defensive quintet of the league and has won two gold medals with the US national team. Steve Kerr, however, at the beginning of the period informed him that the withdrawing of the key and waiting for him to come off the bench. For any player’s level Iguodala this would be hard beyond perhaps cause opt out (withdrawal request from the group before the end of the contract). However, Iguodala accepted the challenge and working full season methodically managed to come back to the fore the most appropriate time for both the team and for him, winning the championship and the prize of the most valuable player of the finals.

As in sports and entrepreneurship so the “I” must often be tucked under the “us” and the greater good. These situations are definitely “bet” that you do not know whether to go,  but officials are beyond capable and talented should have also the appropriate character.

3. Be confident

Steph Curry, by far the most quality player the Warriors and MVP of the regular season NBA, in the third game made one of the worst instances of having a 5 to 23 aptly shoots. Contributed to this very good defense played up the Australian guard of Cleveland, Matthew Dellavedova. 90% of the questions after the match had to do with whether the confidence of Curry damaged if it is possible to reinstate -both he and his team of at the road of success. The titles of the electronic and print media of US even did not hesitate to characterize Matthew Dellavedova “Kryptonite” by Curry.

The rest, of course, are now familiar to everyone. Curry not only bent by the poor appearance, but scored more than 20 points on average in all other games of the final, culminating in the 37 who scored the decisive fifth and final final, and held the champion.
The great athlete never stopped believing in ihis potentials and continued in the same direction, driven in a corresponding manner by the coaching team.

In business would be ideal a corresponding scenario. Everyone is entitled to a bad day … But what ultimately matters is to continue to fight and believe in your abilities, as only in this way you would reach your goals.

4. Do not forget to have fun now and then

The philosophy of Kerr coach can be condensed in the phrase: “Basketball is a sport and as such you should rejoice.”
Throughout the season trainings of Warriors entailed a tired, jogging but also very humorous. Kerr entered often in the process to ’cause’ players in informal competitions to shoot to him, thus winning the respect and their appreciation. No longer hidden that even the video that made the coaching team for the opponents were, many times, many humorous elements. So in the end the team, in and from that type of process was to show an extremely compact and knit image, which was, according to experts, the X factor of this year’s success.

In business respectively, the heads should understand that employees are more hours together than what their own families. Fatal logical that we develop relationships. When these relationships are promoted through specific procedures it is certain that their partnerships and their performance will be commensurate positive.

5. Set the bar high

As already mentioned in the foreword of the matter, no one was giving luck Warriors championship in the beginning of the period. But this did not discourage either the owner or the administration and, above all, at any point, nor himself team coach.

They knew exactly how much talent have, believed in it, worked hard and, most importantly, never told that unless you’re going to end, never mind. They set the objective from the beginning the top, closed their ears and finally conquered.