Complaints that Eurodisney charges more foreign visitors than French

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29 July 2015

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Research of European Commission

The European Commission today announced that it is investigating complaints that the Disneyland of the French capital (Eurodisney) charges more the British and German visitors than French,  and exclude them from the package offers thus violating European law, the newspaper Financial Times reports.

Research will focus on several cases in which  for the same packet French visitors paid about 15% less than British and Germans said in yesterday’s publication of the newspaper.
According to the publication, Disney in Paris charged 1,346 euros for their French customers a package deal, but the British 1,870 euros and the Germans 2447 for the same package.

The Commission announced that it has received several complaints about such cases in this theme park which is located in the east of the French capital, and expressed concern that the French Disneyl and prevents visitors from certain EU member states from making use of seasonal offers made so Top Deals unavailable for those without a French credit card.

Based on an EU regulation, the member countries is prohibited to set prices according to the nationality or country guest’s stay.
France is now required to ensure that the Disneyland comply with EU regulations on fair commercial practices, an EU source told the newspaper Guardian, adding that Brussels expected to communicate with Paris on this case.
If France refused to launch an investigation against Disneyland, Brussels may take legal action against Paris.

Tags:auto insurance, forex trading, payday loans, recipes




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