Danone: Chinese “blow” in profits, enhanced sales for the first half

27 July 2015

Business people re-el magazine“Blow” from the activities in China received the profits of the Danone SA in the first half of the year,…read more



General Motors: Large profit increase

26 July 2105

general-motors-business-people re-el magazineSales growth in the US SUVs and luxury vehicles in China led GM to significant earnings growth in 2015….read more



Cutting 6,000 jobs was announced by Anglo American

25 July 2015

business news-people re-el magazineThe global mining company Anglo American will cut about 6,000 jobs over the next 1-2 years…read more



The Big Bet from Microsoft

23 July 2015

microsoft-business-people re-el magazineOn July 29 the availability of Windows 10. Microsoft is on the final step in the placing of …read more



Central Bank of England: In 2016 the decision for interest rates

22 July 2015

business-people re-el magazineThe base rate of the British central bank is 0.50%.According to Reuters, the decision to increase interest rates will come….read more



Ferrari: Recalls vehicles due to defective airbags

21 July 2015

Ferrari business news-people re-el magazineThe Italian luxury sports car brand Ferrari recalls 2,600 vehicles worldwide due to defects in airbags supplied by….read more



Ericsson: High costs affecting net income in the quarter

20 July 2015

business people re-el magazineEricsson has announced that the sales of mobile broadband in North America stabilized in the quarter but remained lower yoy….read more



Tommy Hilfiger: New Campaign Team Hillfiger

19 July 2015

tommy-business-people re-el magzineTommy Hilfiger Group, which belongs to PVH Cor announced its global advertising campaign for Fall 2015….read more



New research at the expense of Deutsche Bank for money laundering

18 July 2015

newego_LARGE_t_1101_54266941_type13031business-people re-el magazineUS authorities began a new investigation against the German bank Deutsche Bank for ….read more



Compensation mammoth 18.7 billion dollars will be paid by BP for the ecological disaster in 2010!

17 July 2015

business-people re-el magazine

British oil giant BP announced today an initial compromise with the US Justice….read more



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