Boeing is changing the specifications of the aircrafts to carry heavier weights

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8 August 2015

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The aircraft maker Boeing announced that it has developed its specifications or performance characteristics of the jet to agree more with the way that the airlines and the trend towards heavier passenger seats and cargo, adding that same aircraft will not change.

The specifications have been amended for several days to best suit the actual performance, something that industry experts said it was too late.
Boeing has increased the number of places on the main and most spacious planes, 787 and 777, which would reduce the cost of each position for the airlines. The number of positions for the narrower 737 will not change.
The company also reduced the scope of all airplanes, based on the volume of fuel in the maximum reduction in the new model 787-9, which entered the market recently, in 1230 km.

The changes related to the change in the seats of the upper class seats (premium), which open to make beds and weighing about 45.5 kg more than in the past. Calculations of the average weight of passengers and their baggage are also higher, although the company declined to specify them.

With the changes, the biggest plane Boeing, the 747-8 ceases to be the largest and also the basic capacity. The 777-9CH, a board version to be released after 2020 are expected to be able to carry up to 425 passengers in two-class configuration, compared with 747-8, carrying 410 passengers in three-class configuration.

Tags:business, business news  financial news, business finance, small business websites




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