Air Liquide: New investment in China

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4 August 2015

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Signing a long-term contract with Shandong Fangyuan, a company that ranks first in the copper smelters in the private sector in China and is one of the largest copper producers in the world, announced by Air Liquide.
Under the terms of this agreement, Air Liquide will invest around € 60 million to an advanced air separation unit (ASU) with a capacity of 2,000 tonnes of oxygen per day, expected to be operational in the second half of 2017.
As noted on the new air separation plant, which will be located at Dongying in Shandong province, will be built by the group Air Liquide Engineering and Construction, with the help of most modern technologies of the Group to deliver high reliability and safety and at the same time energy performance. The unit will support the extension project of Shandong Fangyuan, which aims to increase the capacity of the foundry in Dongying 400,000 tonnes to 700,000 tonnes per annum by 2017.
Oxygen provided will increase the productivity of the foundry while reducing overall carbon emissions and maintenance costs. The Air Liquide will also offer its experience in order to optimize the use of oxygen injection technology of Shandong Fangyuan. The oxygen injection is a technology of strategic importance for the non-ferrous metals. In this sector, Air Liquide counts over 20 years of private research, giving many industrial benchmarks.
François Venet, Vice President for Asia Pacific region and member of the Executive Committee of the Air Liquide Group, said: “We are proud that Shandong Fangyuan chose us for this project. As part of this partnership, Air Liquide and Shandong Fangyuan implement best available oxygen technologies to a long term development model that offers reduced costs and environmental impact. This investment is another positive step in the development of Air Liquide in China. ”
Mr. Cui, chairman of Shandong Fangyuan, added: “For export copper, gold and silver worldwide use in Shandong Fangyuan a process of multi-metal processing our own patent. Thanks to the experience of Air Liquide industrial gases, we can now fully leverage our technology to our oxygen injection and fully highlight the Shandong Fangyuan as an innovative, global foundry. ”

Tags:business, business news  financial news, business finance, small business websites



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