Usain Bolt watch out! Video shows three 30 stone sumo wrestlers battling it out on the RUNNING TRACK

Despite their massive bulk – each weighing around 30 stone – the three wrestlers are suprisingly light on their feet as they go head to head

23 October 2015

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This was a real clash of the Titans as three sumo wrestlers swapped the squared circle for the running track.

Despite their massive bulk – each weighing around 30 stone – the three wrestlers are surprisingly light on their feet as they go head to head.

The video shows Kento Amakaze, Tatsuaki Kaiho and Kanata Takatenshu getting up some speed as they sprint round the track.

It was definitely a photo finish, but his victory dance at the end suggests Kaiho won by a hair.

The “heated battle” was shot during a break from practice and was spotlighted in a tweet sent out by wrestler Masakatsu Ishiura .

The tweet is a big hit in Japan, having been retweeted 1,055 times and favourited 1,109 times.

The highlight of the footage comes at the very end, when one of the man mountain’s “mawashi” — a 30-foot-long belt that sumo wrestlers traditionally wear — begins to slide off just as he reaches the finish line.

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Tags:live news, breaking news, latest news





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