This clever rice farmer has invented his own harvester using a weed trimmer

30 November 2015

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The clip shows the resourceful youngster making short work of a paddy field in China, clearing a huge swathe of crops in a matter of seconds

A rice farmer has invented an ingenious way of gathering his crop in double quick time.

Video of the farmer using a moderated weed trimmer to blast his way through the field has been posted on LiveLeak.

The clip shows the resourceful youngster making short work of a paddy field in China, clearing a huge swathe of crops in a matter of seconds.

Traditional rice farming would see workers using antiquated tools like sickles to cut the plants down, which is considerably more time-consuming.

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Quick work: The farmer easily gets through the crop with his invention

But some commentators were unimpressed with his innovation, saying many similar tools already exist, not to mention combine harvesters.

But the fact a woman standing next to the farmer is holding a scythe suggests he’s making some big leaps forward at this particular workplace.

Tags:live news, breaking news, latest news





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