The glass house in the Aegean hanging on rocks [Pictures]

8 July 2015

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An impressive architectural masterpiece wins this season prizes and awards around the world.

It is a glass house, called Casa Brutale, which has been developed by two Greek architects.

Laertis Papavasileiou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos by the architectural firm OPA, designed this house that looks as if it is literally hung between the high cliffs of the Aegean.

As the designers say, Casa Brutale is a geometric illustration of the environment.

It is fully embodied in the place with respect to the environment and the peculiarities of the Greek nature.

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It is made entirely in the rock, and makes heavy use of glass, to maintain continuous contact with the environment and panoramic sea views. It is made of simple materials, wood, glass and cement while incorporating the element of water.

This is ensured by the entire roof structure is substantially the base of the pool. The light ever comes from large glass surfaces of the structure, creating spaces with high aesthetics and direct link to the external environment.

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According to their own words, “Casa Vrutale redefines the harmonious coexistence of man and nature in a poetic tribute net brutalist architecture.”