The emotionally separation of Ben and Denali!

18 June 2015

Their tying was great in the 14 years they lived together … Ben and Denali was an inseparable and tied couple, when he met one another by accident. Ben Moon adopted Denali in November 1999, aged 24 years old. Then he lived with his girlfriend in Oregon and worked occasionally as a photographer for various magazines. After two years of life in the city, he decided to live in caravan of turning America to launch a professional career photographing wildlife and landscapes of his country. So it happened. Inseparable both went from one point to another of America and lived like nomads … always together … In 2004, however, Ben became seriously ill and faced with cancer, making many chemotherapies and taking heavy drugs.

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Denali never left him … Indeed the dog was always close to him, even in the hospital, in the bed of pain … When the young photographer overcame the problem of health, continued with his dog the same life, only now it was more attached than ever. Denali fell also ill from cancer … Strenuous hours, difficult treatments and Ben there to support him, to give him courage … In this case, Denali was not lucky. The illness caused dog’s forces to be abandoned more and more. Ben realized that the dog would not live for long … So they got together for a long walk on the beach, running and playing like old times. The video you see is just this day, the last of Denali, he left happy that he had done his duty towards his boss … and that of the paid off with the above … The Denali died in early February at the age 14.5 years.

You can see in the video below the greatest friendship between man and dog that have ever existed:

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