Why the windows of ships are round?

30 June 2015

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Observing the area around a boat, have you noticed the round shape of the windows? Why should this be?

The idea and effort to transport you cross the sea, as you know perhaps, very ancient. Rafts and wooden boats … and now cruise! The material primarily used for the construction of ships, was wood. Durable material and mostly acting, even wet to absorb vibrations (trends) from the pressures of practiced. Windows in a boat, had a rectangular shape, as may be waiting and logic of most. However it was found, that having any shape angles, at these points, it was much more laborious pressures, thereby creating cracks. Thus, in conjunction with the mass manufacture of circular windows are easier necessarily in moving to circular windows.

Is it the same for those airplanes? Due to altitude and atmospheric pressure, are known as security limitations that exist on a plane, during a flight. It also points out there one, how the windows are not square or rectangular. Neither is it round. They are oval!

The first rectangularized shape was rejected for the same reasons about the ship, one that especially when it comes to aircraft, possible cracking or breaking a window may cause an explosion due to pressure difference!

Despite this, on airplanes, oval is more prefferable than round. One reason purely an economic one, one that the oval windows need less surface “glass” than the corresponding round same size. The other reasons are more practical, since an oval window can bring greater sight picture for passengers while, facilitate them, irrespective of their height.

Even on our vacation then, there is always some physical space …

Source: parallaximag.gr