Sharks swimming in the crater of active volcano!

18 July 2015

Sharks may cause tremors in humans, but it is one of the most wonderful creatures of the nature that even seriously endangered by human activity. Two shark species recently discovered to survive in an active underwater volcano 20 meters below sea level. Kavatsi volcano is located at the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. There, underwater cameras and diving robot spotted sharks swimming in the hot and highly acidic waters.

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Divers who tried to reach the crater or suffered burns because of acidic waters either dropped because they could not withstand the high temperature. However, there are a large number of endemic and smooth hammerhead sharks continue undisturbed their job. Commenting on the phenomenon in National Geographic, the scientist Brennan Phillips said that “makes you wonder in what kind of extreme conditions these animals have adapted. What kind of evolutionary changes have been? Only certain animals can bear it? “Also, what happens when the Kavatsi explodes, as often happens? “Do sharks alerted somehow before exploding volcano? And when this happens are broken shaken in the air? “Until now no one can answer these questions, but researchers plan to learn about in the future.