Scientists emit SOS: We are heading towards Collapse of World Society!

26 June 2015

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With the rise of global demand for food, our society could collapse in 2040 due to fatal food shortages and “unprecedented uprising epidemic on food,” unless they take countermeasures, the researchers warned.

Experts in food safety and analysts in finance sustainable development, were invited to develop the worst scenario that depicts a “reasonable, serious about productive shock that affects multiple agricultural commodities and regions.”

According to a report by Lloyds of London prepared with the help of the Global Institute for Sustainability at the University Anglia Ruskin, «the global food system is under pressure for years to cope with growing demand and its sensitivity to acute disorders exacerbated by factors such as the climate change, the pressure on water, the continuing globalization and the increasing political instability. ”

The researchers say that the food system is “increasingly vulnerable to acute crises”, because of population growth and shifts in the world in consumption patterns as countries develop.

The Agency UN Food and Agriculture (FAO) predicts that global agricultural production will need more than double by 2050 to close the gap between food supply and demand, says the report, supported by the Foreign Ministry of Britain.

“A shock to the global food supply could cause important requirements in multiple categories of insurance, including (but not only) of terrorism and political violence, the political risk, interruption of business, shipping and aviation, agriculture, environmental liability and responsibility for the credibility and recall, “the report warns, adding that these losses could be aggravated by the possibility of a shock in the food system can last for many years.

The Director of the Global Sustainability Institute, Dr. Aled Jones, told Insurge Intelligence that “based on reasonable climate trends and a total failure to change this course, the global food supply system will face catastrophic losses and an unprecedented uprisings epidemic on food. ”

“We ran the model forward in 2040, along with a common path based on inactivity trends – ie, no feedback loops that would change the underlying trend,” he said.

“In this scenario, global society essentially collapses, as food production falls permanently to lack of consumption,” Jones added.

According to new research, thousands of children in Britain pushed into extreme poverty and hunger, because their parents are unable to work or to receive government benefits. Researchers from the Center for Migration, Policy and Society at Oxford University say that children seem to be the “absolute losers”, with thousands to feed on just £ 1 (US $ 1.57) per person per day.

Families across Britain are forced to cut spending on essential items such as food, clothing and heating, as a result of government cuts in child benefits, low income among those hardest hit, as always.

The number of Britons who rely on food banks soon expected to reach one million, according to the Trussell Trust.

In New York, about 2.6 million people have food market problem and needs to make a tragic choice between food and other needs such as rent, medication, childcare or transport, according to the Bank of New York Food .

Approximately 17 million elderly Americans in need are self funded by the government, but according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office, 90 percent of them do not receive. Approximately 83 percent of adults in need is food insecurity.

Meanwhile, according to the UN, one third of food worldwide (1.3 billion tonnes per year), is damaged or lost before it is consumed by people and caused damage amounting to $ 750 billion, as well as significant damage to the environment.

Last month the French government has taken measures to minimize food waste, by prohibiting large supermarkets destroy unsold products. From now on you will have to donate unsold but still edible goods to charities or farms.

Foods that have expired will go to farms for use as feed or fertilizer. The new law, combined with a training program on food waste introduced in schools and businesses, is part of an attempt by Paris to halve the amount of food waste in France until 2025.