Protest with free drinks and sex in a brothel (see photos)

23 June 2015

oikos-people re-el magazine

An original way found brothel to protest high taxes: Offering free sex throughout the summer.

Hermann Müller, owner of the brothel in Austria behind the initiative, believes that taxation is punitive for the industry and states on the company’s website: “We pay other taxes. Free Registration! Free Drinks! Free Sex “!

Pascha brothel located in Salzburg and queues have already formed. The owner said he would offer in his pocket prostitutes in the amount of 10,000 euros per month who will lose from lost earnings.

Hermann Müller reportedly has brothels in four other cities in Germany and Austria, and has complained in the past in his interviews to the media about taxation and regulation, and argues that the last decade has made nearly 5 mil. euro in taxes only in Salzburg.

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