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To avenge his wife … sexually abused their dog

17 June 2015

Jonathan-Edward-Medley people re-el magazineThe Jonathan Edward Medley from Alabama was arrested for abuse of a dog of his wife, as the local police said ….read more



Athens – New York in one hour!

17 June 2015

weinter-people re-el magazineThe US military announced that tests of experimental ultrasonic vessel X-51A Waverider used a turbine engine type scramjet continue….read more



Kangaroo spent four days with an arrow in the head!

17 June 2015

kangaroo-people re-el magazineFor four full 24-hour female kangaroo lived with an arrow stuck in his head, in Queensland, Australia ….read more



The most powerful people in the world, from 1 to 100 years old.

15 June 2015

age-1-prince-george-of-cambridge_2015_6_14_16_58_15_b1The young Prince George of Cambridge, aged 1, until the winner of Pulitzer Prize author Herman Wouk, 100 years, …. read more



Tigers, lions and hippos in the streets of Tbilisi due to flood

15 June 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 12.39.39 PMA total of seven people, including three guards of the zoo were killed by the flood in Tbilisi, which resulted to be released…. read more




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