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The countries with the most holidays and public holidays

28 June 2015

breaking news-people re-el magazineWhich countries enjoy long holiday and more holidays? From one point of the planet to another the days off of employees ….read more



Houses are given in Sicily in a single word…

27 June 2015

sicily_village_1-people re-el magazineLooking for home? A small town in Sicily made an offer that it is difficult for anyone to reject it. Gives homes!…read more



Scientists emit SOS: We are heading towards Collapse of World Society!

26 June 2015

breaking news-people re-el magazineWith the rise of global demand for food, our society could collapse in 2040 due to fatal food shortages and  ….read more



Protest with free drinks and sex in a brothel (see photos)

23 June 2015

oikos-people re-el magazineAn original way found brothel to protest high taxes: Offering free sex throughout the summer ….read more



See paratrooper in the air saving his colleague (striking video)

22 June 2015

alexiptotistis-people re-el magazineParatrooper the British Army, the famous unit displays the “Red Devils” was saved at the last moment, before ….read more



Impostor has been sent to do the DNA test in order to avoid fatherhood

21 June 2015

people re-el magazine6Thomas Kenny from Birmingham three years ago left a woman pregnant with whom he maintained a relationship ….read more



Suspended teacher who taught her students how to drink tequila

21 June 2015

Reuters-people re-el magazineTeresa Hernandez, chemistry professor at Mexico, was suspended after video publication, which appears her to teach students ….read more



The emotional message of Scott Bahia for his wife’s battle life: “We ask you to pray for us”

20 June 2015

Skot Baio-people re-el magazine“A few days ago, we learned with my wife Renee, that she has meningioma brain tumor ….read more



The emotionally separation of Ben and Denali!

18 June 2015

denali1-people re-el magazineTheir tying was great in the 14 years they lived together … Ben and Denali was an inseparable and tied couple,….read more



Overseas Highway: Driving over the ocean!

18 June 2015

overseas1-people re-el magazineThe road Overseas Highway linking the Florida Keys, the place of 1,700 islands stretching northwest Florida, on the mainland, ….read more




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