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Talented homeless man’s rendition of Beethoven on piano causes public to find him a home

5 July 2015

homeless1-640x427-breaking news-people re-el magazineA homeless musician has inspired a campaign to find him somewhere to live after reducing strangers to tears with ….read more



Our problems are not even … problems!

5 July 2015

poorchild-breaking news-people re-el magazineWhen you see children living in squalid conditions in Third World countries to read the problems that we consider  ….read more



The emotional video which makes everybody tear

4 July 2015

thumbnail-people re-el magazineMillions visits early days attracted the five-minute video «Positive compilation of Russian dash cams» ….read more



Six people live in space, 347 kilometers away from Earth and expect supplies to continue (video) …

3 July 2015

At 10:21 hours Florida, the Falcon 9 launch left the platform and began his journey ….read more



Sketches show how the world has changed … for the worse!

2 July 2015

allages1-people re-el magazine“Previous years and … narrating them to cry” could have titled this humorous collection of images showing ….read more



Elephants balancing on ropes

2 July 2015

elephants-1-people re-el magazineElephants are forced to walk on a taut metal rope and used as a tourist attraction in Thailand ….read more



“Smart” stairs at University of Utah!

1 July 2015

skalakion1-people re-el magazineStudents at Utah Valley University saw Thursday, June 18 that the interiors of stairs have changed appearance ….read more



Why the windows of ships are round?

30 June 2015

finistrini-people re-el magazineObserving the area around a boat, have you noticed the round shape of the windows? Why should this be?….read more



When a giant wave hits a cruise ship. A shocking video from internal camera.

29 June 2015

breaking news-people re-el magazineIn the video below we see in all its glory the power of the sea, which in essence makes that wants a huge ….read more



What is hidden beneath the Vatican?

28 June 2015

vatikano_1-700x360-people re-el magazineThe ground beneath the Vatican and secrets hiding, have occasionally sparked dozens of scenarios and ….read more




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