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«Coda»: The award-winning animation video about life and death

11 July 2015

short-animation-soul-death-coda-and-maps-and-plans-ireland-raw-700x360-breaking news-people re-el magazineThe following video animation deals with the meaning of life and the path we follow in duration ….read more



Success Tips from the top….minds!!!

10 July 2015

suuccsstippsse000.medium-breaking news-people re-el magazineBusinessmen, artists, unemployed, fathers, mothers, children, sinners and saints, we all need a little inspiration in our lives ….read more



Viral: Homeless boy uses light of a restaurant to make his lessons!

10 July 2015

Boy-studying-outside-a-McDonalds-in-Manila-breaking news-people re-el magazineThis touching photo of a homeless boy doing homework using the outer light known chain restaurants have already become viral ….read more



“Scary” tornado in Italy [Video]

10 July 2015

tromaktikos-anemostrovilos-stin-italia-vinteo-700x360-breaking news-people re-el magazineThe tornado struck the area near Venice: Roofs were torn, swept away cars, homes suffered extensive damage….read more



It took him two years to understand that his dogs were actually … bears!

10 July 2015

dogbear-breaking news-people re-el magazineThe farmer of bananas Wang Kaiyu from China bought two years ago in Vietnam two cute “puppies”….read more



British Museum looking five year old who broke a vase of 18th century

9 July 2015

F08076D612B715173379B40FA23192E5-breaking news-people re-el magazineHappy ending was the mischief of a five-year old, who during his visit to a museum in Britain broke a precious….read more



The glass house in the Aegean hanging on rocks [Pictures]

8 July 2015

gialino-spiti-sto-egeo-pou-kremete-stous-vrachous-700x360-people re-el magazineAn impressive architectural masterpiece wins this season prizes and awards around the world ….read more



Watch incredible video of two men climbing their way across Dublin

7 July 2015

climbers1-640x457breaking news-people re-el magazineEver wondered what it might be like to swing your way across the Ha’penny Bridge or to swing one armed from a Luas stop ….read more



One of the most emotional video from Singapore

6 July 2015

gift.medium-breaking news-people re-el magazineA child does not have any estimation the poor father. He fights to succeed in life and he doesn’t want to become like him ….read more



Brazilian Couple’s Frightening Cliffhanging Photos Will Make Your Heart Stop

5 July 2015

Leonardo Pereira said he admits to being afraid the first time he ever allowed himself to dangle from the almost 3,000-foot cliff….read more




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