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Why Jews are called to return to Israel before September?

19 July 2015

breaking news people re-el magazineMany games played behind our backs and not only this. Something big is preparing or something important waiting to happen ….read more



Sharks swimming in the crater of active volcano!

18 July 2015

sharkio-breaking news-people re-el magazineSharks may cause tremors in humans, but it is one of the most wonderful creatures of nature ….read more



Bear broke confectionery, ate 24 pies, took two with her and left!

17 July 2015

bear-breaking news-people re-el magazineA bear climbed out the window and broke a pastry shop in Colorado. The bear after eating 24 tarts, got 2 more and left….read more



The starry sky of Australia!

17 July 2015

He’s in the last 18 months photographing the night sky with an ordinary digital camera….read more



Super Granny: she is 101 years old and makes climbing! (PHOTO)

15 July 2015

Resizer-breaking news-people re-el magazineDoris Long may be 101 years old, but this fact does not prevent her from doing still climbing. ….read more



Dog rescued … dolphin, almost died in the beach! (video)

14 July 2015

The dolphin was dying on a beach in Wales and the dog with persistent barking tried to quickly notice his boss!….read more



The 10 most bizarre jobs in the world!

14 July 2015

perierga-epagelmata-breaking news-people re-el magazineIt is one of those cases where you are with a group and start imagining various crazy things ….read more



The intelligent door that opens and closes … Without Hinges! (Video)

14 July 2015

door-1-breaking news-people re-el magazineThis sophisticated door uses a new system of two rotating squares panel to open and close ….read more



A “secret” island where all the people live without money close to nature! [images-video]

13 July 2015

1271-300x170-breaking news-people re-el magazineLasqueti is a secret small island in Canada, where the majority of inhabitants live isolated and autonomous in nature ….read more



9 mistakes that costed billions

12 July 2015

10-lathi-pou-kostisan-disekatommiria-1-breaking news-people re-el magazineNo one is infallible and certainly many of us we are in a difficult position to regret any mistakes….read more




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