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Shocking video: Mother saves her child while escalator “swallows” her (video)

28 July 2015

Breaking news-people re-el magazineOne woman was killed when the escalator fell and “swallowed” her in a Chinese department store, although she ….read more



He gave his resume with failures … and succeeded!

27 July 2015

breaking news-people re-el magazineJeff Scardino was looking a long time for a job on advertising and always found closed doors ….read more



He found a python in … cereal!

26 July 2105

Corn Flakes-global news-people re-el magazineThe 22-year-old Jared Smith from Sydney of Australia, was preparing his breakfast when he suddenly saw a ….read more



What will be the supermarket of the future? (VIDEO)

26 July 2105

Super market-breaking news-people re-el magazineAt Expo 2015, hosted this year in Milan, there is an exhibition wing that focuses on food and….read more



A compelling life story

24 July 2015

people re-el magazineNothing more holy, more powerful, more irreplaceable than maternal love, the sacrifice of the mother for her own….read more



Couples with the largest fortune in the world [pictures]

24 July 2015

PHOTO 1-ploysia_zevgaria_21.7_708-breaking news-people re-el magazineThe company Wealth-X … decided to search the issue and listed the ten richest couples in the world,….read more



The most emotional marriage proposal you’ve ever seen(video)

22 July 2015

breaking newsThe young man gave us one of the most touching video that we have ever seen, as he presents in it everything that….read more



15-year-old girl with incredible football skills (Video)

22 July 2015

breaking news-people re-el magazineThis 15-year old girl has amazing football skills and made a small demonstration in the streets of Paris ….read more



These are the countries with the most prisoners in the world

21 July 2015

prisoners-breaking news-people re-el magazineMore than ten million people are imprisoned in penal institutions throughout the world ….read more



The history of the most educated in the world homeless

19 July 2015

n-WP-large570-breaking news-people re-el magazineThe judge’s glance fell on the homeless man accused of sleeping next to an office building in….read more




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