Overseas Highway: Driving over the ocean!

18 June 2015

The road Overseas Highway linking the Florida Keys, the place of 1,700 islands stretching northwest Florida, on the mainland, after a long journey of about four hours over the ocean!

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In essence this is a total of 42 bridges from island to island, the total length of 205 kilometers, which make up one of the most spectacular roads in the world, which was built in 1938.

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Because of the natural beauty of the islands, which gathered more and more visitors, especially during the summer months, and the need for easier access to them, which until then was only by sea, it decided to construct a motorway … over the ocean.

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The most beautiful seascape stretched left and right, blue waters and impressive reefs, white beaches and incredible sunrises and sunsets at every point of the road, without a doubt drivers want to stay as much as possible … on the road.

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Besides, there are few people who choose the motorway Overseas Highway … as a tourist destination to enjoy the unusual way! Highlight: A stop on the roadside admiring the special “dance” Dolphin on the water … it, and with more!

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Source: perierga.gr