Over 1,000 BEES board plane causing chaos to flight

The unwelcome guests caused a right buzz when they delayed a plane and caused havoc in the cabin

17 October 2015

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Airport rules were breached when around 1,000 would-be plane passengers with no boarding pass or bookings attempted to board a jetliner.

But the travellers weren’t people – they were BEES.

The stripy stingers delayed the American Airlines flight in Texas for more than an hour when they flew into the plane before it took off.

According to NBC News, the pilot said a queen bee had flown into the wing while it was at its departure gate at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Wednesday.

Karin McCay posted images online of insect experts in protective clothing who attended the scene – and of the passengers eager to leave without any extra baggage on board.

American Airlines gave no comment to NBC News about the incident.

Tags:live news, breaking news, latest news





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