Suspended teacher who taught her students how to drink tequila

21 June 2015

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Photo source:  Reuters

Mexico, Mexico

Teresa Hernandez, chemistry professor at Mexico, was suspended after video publication, which appears to teach students how to drink tequila, announced the Ministry of Education of the State of Puebla.

Hernandez, who was teacher in a public school in this state, has already been suspended indefinitely until the investigation conducted against the “misconduct” of the classroom.

In the video posted on social networking sites professor teached to adolescent students to swallow tequila, “she oxygenate in the mouth” and that good quality drinking should “leaves good taste” after ingestion.

Then the distinguished professor approaching her students holding a glass in his hand, to put them to smell its contents, while explaining how to order a drink and check its quality.

In Mexico it is prohibited for persons under 18 years old to consume alcohol.

Source: Newsroom ΔΟΛ, A.Π.Ε