Our problems are not even … problems!

5 July 2015

When you see children living in squalid conditions in Third World countries to read the problems that we consider important, revised much for what you believed until now. In the video released by the organization show that WATER is LIFE for children and adults from African countries to really read our fellowmen problems from developed countries such as those posted in the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems. It is shocking to hear from the child’s mouth that does not have clean drinking water that a coeval in Europe upset because he or she can not walk and write simultaneously messages on his or her mobile or why you need two routers in many square house … Other “big” problems of the developed world:

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I hate when my charger cable does not reach the bed.

I hate when my leather seats are not heated.

When I go into the bathroom and I forget my mobile.

When I forget my clothes in the washer and start to smell.

I hate that my house is so big. I need two routers to have internet everywhere.

When the gum with mint flavor makes the cold water seem frozen.

When you need to write a check to the maid but I forget her surname.

I can not walk and write messages at the same time.

When I forget my charger in downstairs.

I hate my neighbors locked the wireless Internet.

I hate when I tell them that I do not want pickles and they always put me.

Source: perierga.gr