Grinch shoppers make feelings on Christmas adverts clear – by covering them with wrapping paper

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That’s a wrap: Grinches covered this sign up with festive paper

25 October 2015

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The billboards were put up in Plymouth, Devon, but not everybody in the town was ready to get in the festive spirit

Fed-up shoppers angered by early adverts about Christmas have hit back – by wrapping them up in festive paper.

The billboards in Plymouth, Devon, were put up by the tourist board to advertise the city’s light switch-on event next month.

But this week at least two were wrapped up in festival paper with a printed-out sign put on top which said: “£2Early4Christmas”.

Locals took to Twitter to agree with the anonymous grinches.

Bah humbug! The Twitter community appeared to agree with the grinches’ action

One said: “Whoever’s going around Plymouth & covering Christmas adverts up, well done that person. I agree with you. £2Early4Christmas.”

Tags:live news, breaking news, latest news





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