Manhole explodes in New York City

This is the frightening moment a manhole explodes shooting the metal cover high into the sky in New York City

18 August 2015

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A video has emerged from New York of a manhole exploding causing the metal cover to shoot high into the sky.

The woman, who captured the video, was filming the smoking manhole seconds before the huge ball of fire caused the terrifying explosion.

Flames shoot out of the manhole (Jukin)

In the video, the woman lets off a small scream when the manhole explodes.

The explosion forces the metal cover to shoot off the manhole (Jukin)

The explosion happened as a result of overheated underground cables.

It has also been reported there were two other manhole explosions around the city, affecting the west side of Manhattan.

Watch this video to see the frightening moment the explosion happens.

Tags:live news, breaking news, latest news





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