LaBeouf Sleeps And Cries At His Film Marathon

The actor is screening all of his films back-to-back but a livestream shows some are struggling to hold his attention.

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LaBeouf nodded off at one point

18 November 2015

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Shia LaBeouf has fallen asleep at a marathon 60-hour screening of his own films in New York.

The actor, known for his erratic behaviour, has invited fans to watch all of the movies he has ever made in a three-day and two-night event called #allmymovies.

Dozens of people have been spotted queuing outside the Greenwich Village cinema to get a place inside the screenings.

New York University student Alex Martin explained why he was there: “Just for the experience. Just to say I did it. Not necessarily to watch a movie of Shia LaBeouf. You know, just to say I was here.”

Austin Reardon, also an NYU senior, said he was there “because I am a big fan of his public persona over the years.”

He went to the Angelika Film Center because “it’s entertaining to watch online, but I would like to be a part of it in person”.

Fans are allowed in for free but they shouldn’t expect any interaction from the star.

LaBeouf looked close to tears at one point

“He was completely silent,” said Michelle Calicchio, a senior at Ramapo College.

She felt that LaBeouf was wordlessly critiquing his own work.

“He was in a deep stare,” she said. “He was so zoned in.”

Aware that not everyone will be able to make it to Manhattan, LaBeouf has also organised for a livestream to run online showing him, sitting watching the films.

LaBeouf at a premiere in September

Viewers will be able to get a glimpse of him stroking his beard, sipping from a cup and even crying.

At one point he could be seen nodding off with his head falling to one side and his body slumped down into the seat.

It is not known which film was being screened at the time.

LaBeouf has not provided an explanation as to why he is holding the event but he has become known for his unusual publicity stunts.

In February last year he wore a paper bag over his head to a premiere of the film Nymphomaniac.

Just days later he sat in a hall with the bag over his head while people were invited to come in and look at him.

Last month he was arrested for public intoxication in Texas and he has previously sought treatment for alcohol abuse.

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