Kangaroo spent four days with an arrow in the head!

You and his little hidden inside the pouch – See the photos

17 June 2015

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For four full 24-hour female kangaroo lived with an arrow stuck in his head, in Queensland, Australia. When veterinarians managed to immobilize and sedation, in north of Brisbane, where they found that a baby was hidden in its pouch, as announced by Australia Zoo.

Veterinarians submitted to surgery for the removal of the arrow, which had stopped too close to the eye and the optic nerve.

Then, according to the BBC, mom and little returned to their natural environment.

The kangaroo was spotted near Toorbul and overpowered specialists Australia Zoo and the RSPCA, who transferred it to the clinic of Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for treatment. .

According to the announcement of the Australia Zoo, the kangaroos were numb by the time they arrived at the hospital by the time they returned to their freedom.

“This kind of deliberate cruelty to animals is horrific, illegal and could have cause a slow and painful death to the mother and the small,” the statement concludes.


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kangaroo-people re-el magazine


Source: www.newsbeast.gr