Impostor has been sent to do the DNA test in order to avoid fatherhood

21 June 2015

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25 year old Briton Thomas Kenny, in person … Or maybe he is the double of it?

Birmingham, United Kingdom
Thomas Kenny from Birmingham three years ago left a woman pregnant with whom he maintained a relationship while he was married and father of two children.

Faced with the possibility both the truth to be learnt and be burdened financially with child support expenses, which in the meantime had come to the world, made a pervert plan: to find one that looks like himself and send him to do this test DNA, the result of course shows that the “double-Thomas” will not have any relationship with the infant.

All started in December 2012, when Kenny found that the illegality of the bond, a young girl, she was pregnant. He asked her to have an abortion because he was married and had already two boys from his marriage with his wife, but she refused to do this.

The child -a son- even came to the world in early 2013 and in June of the same year the girl requested by Kenny to do DNA test, determining whether he was indeed the father of her child.

And the 25 year old to disclaim his paternity, he admitted in the court that heard the Birmingham few days ago his case that he made in this motion.

What is not made clear to the court is whether the decision to send the … doppelganger of Kenny in the clinic was the 25 year old or if the double of willing volunteer to pull out of the predicament the Kenny.

However the fact is that the 25 year old was sentenced to six months’ suspended sentence and a fine of 2,000 euros, while delivered and public derision, with the news doing the rounds of the internet and many, anonymous and famous, to condemn the shameful act.

“How much lower can someone fall into moral level when they do everything to renounce fatherhood for economic reasons?”, Was the comment of Judge Phillip Parker, describing him as “a brutal exploiter, a man who manipulates people depending on her interests’.