Husband discovers wife is pregnant before she does – but how does he do it?

7 August 2015

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Nia had told Sam that she suspected she might be pregnant, so Sam decided to do some detective work

A husband has filmed the moment that he surprised his wife with the news that she was pregnant.

Yes, you read that correct – he broke the baby news, not the other way round.

YouTube vlogger Sam pulled off the seemingly impossible and found out that his wife Nia was pregnant before she even knew.

Nia had told Sam that she suspected she might be pregnant, so Sam decided to do some detective work and managed to steal a urine sample from her.

Screen-Shot-2015-08-06-breaking news-people re-el magazineWhen the result was positive, he surprises her – and their two children – with the happy news.

Their reaction is so sweet it almost makes you forget how weird it is to steal someone’s urine.

Possibly not the way most women would want to find out they were pregnant, but certainly an imaginative one.

Tags:live news, breaking news, latest news






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