He gave his resume with failures … and succeeded!

27 July 2015

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Jeff Scardino was looking a long time for a job on advertising and always found closed doors. Although his resume was perfect no one answered and asked him to go for an interview. Then he thought something strange and risky. He decided to change the curriculum and incorporate beyond merit his failures at work. He sent the original resume in 10 companies and 8 of answered while 5 were closed appointment with him for interview.

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Just so did an equal number of companies in which he sent his resume with only the good elements of his work. From those only one answered and no one asked him to make an appointment in person. In fact he stated at the British Telegraph that one of the answers that he received for his “failed”resume was that it was interesting. So the manager of the company told him: “When I read your CV I thought it was funny, but I was impressed with your honesty. I have never seen something similar … I would like to meet you. ” And like this, Jeff found a job …

Tags:auto insurance, forex trading, payday loans, recipes