Gorilla struggles to stay dry while chasing lettuce in the rain

Gorilla-struggles-to-stay-dry-while-chasing-lettuce-in-the-rain-breking news-people re-el magazine

Kimya the gorilla tries to protect his head from the rain while chasing lettuce. JukinMedia video screenshot

22 November 2015

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COLUMBIA, S.C., Nov. 20 (UPI) — A zoo gorilla with no love for rain was caught on camera venturing out for a piece of lettuce and attempting to keep his head dry with his hands.

The video features a gorilla named Kimya watching the rain as his fellow western lowland gorillas venture out into the precipitation.

Kimya spots a head of lettuce and cautiously ventures out into the rain.

The gorilla uses his hands to try to keep his head dry, eliciting laughter from human onlookers.

Tags:live news, breaking news, latest news





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