Houses are given in Sicily in a single word …

27 June 2015

Looking for home? A small town in Sicily made an offer that it is difficult for anyone to reject it. Gives homes!

There is of course a small … secret. The houses in Gangi, a picturesque town in the Madonie mountains, are generally dilapidated and abandoned for several generations. The new owners are required to repair the houses and make them habitable within four years.

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The offer has already attracted hundreds of participants around the world, giving them the municipality, the ability to set and additional criteria to allocate to their houses.

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So the long list of interest are preferred those who intend to stay permanently, and not just use the houses for holiday homes.

The Gangi had about 16,000 inhabitants in the 50s. The wave of immigration in the late 19th century, but also the fact that the city is in the mountains, away from the sea and tourism, led to the gradual devastation. The initiative of the municipality, together with the response of the owners of dilapidated houses, seems to be working and the small town gets a new lease of life.





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