Genius kid invents perfect way to clear the garden of autumn leaves

The determined youngster clears a path as he drives his little vehicle through the field

26 November 2015

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No leaf is safe when this adorable little boy is doing the rounds with his brilliant new garden equipment.

The determined youngster clears a path as he drives his little yellow truck vehicle through the field while armed with a leaf blower.

With a scatter-gun approach, the talented kid certainly gives these autumn leaves a powerful shake-up.

The clip was posted by car enthusiastic and dad Jarrad Provost on YouTube on Monday under the title Powerwheels + leaf blower = Genius.

It quickly attracted more than 120,000 views.

The youngsters also acquired lots of fans on social media.

Kid-owns-leaf-blowing-with-souped-up-truck-breaking news-people re-el magazine

Efforts: This kid owns leaf blowing with souped-up truck

Leaves: This little boy hasn’t quite got the idea of piles yet

Lefty Guns posted: “I’m going to wait for a video ten years from now how improvements have been made once he is old enough to mow the lawn.”

Zea Nova added: “Now all you gotta do is attach a snow shovel to the front, And you’ll have your driveway done in the winter, without complaints :P.”

Fans: Video was viewed more than 120,000 times

Tags:live news, breaking news, latest news





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