Found $20 Bill Leads To $1m Lottery Jackpot

Hubert Tang says he might start leaving $20 bills on the street after his lucky find results in a top scratch-off prize.

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Hubert Tang said he found the $20 bill on the street. Pic: KPIX-TV

2 September 2015

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A California man has won $1m on a scratch-off ticket bought with a $20 bill he found on the street.

Hubert Tang happened across the misplaced cash last week while going for a walk outside San Francisco Airport.

“I noticed something on the floor, it was green, I picked it up,” Mr Tang told KPIX-TV.

The bartender used the money to purchase two scratch-off tickets – one of which led to the $1m top prize.

Mr Tang said it was the first time he had purchased lottery tickets in about 10 years.

“I don’t play these things,” he told KPIX. “This is really just lucky chance.”

He said he did not have immediate plans for his winnings and would put the money into a savings account for now.

“Maybe I’ll start leaving $20 bills on the street in random places,” he said.

Tags:live news, breaking news, latest news





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