Cyclist and his dog hitch a lift on back of truck in stunt slammed as ‘reckless’ by viewers

12 December 2015

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The man was caught on camera as he clung on to the back of the truck with his dog slung over his shoulder

It is a dog that could show even the fastest greyhound a clean pair of paws.

Because this high-speed hound was filmed by astonished motorist Borja Gonzales as it was clocked doing up to 74 mph on a highway near Medellin, Colombia.

The dog’s owner was recorded holding onto the back of a speeding truck with his left hand, steering his bike with his right and with man’s best friend slung over his shoulder.

The man carrying the dog on bicycle while holding on to a truck

Dog: The man is carrying the pup on bicycle while holding on to a truck

And the video became a massive hit across Latin America after it was picked up by local TV news channel Noticias Caracol.

One viewer said: “The cyclist was going so fast that he was wobbling all over the road. He could have come off at any time.

The man carrying the dog on bicycle while holding on to a truck

Wobbling: Bike and dog struggle to stay upright

“The dog, though, looks completely calm. He’s just balancing over his master’s shoulder, watching the world go by.”

But the owner may now face some sort of ruff justice.

The man carrying the dog on bicycle while holding on to a truck

Endangering public safety by reckless driving is an offence in Columbia, even for cyclists, and police are now understood to be studying the video and may charge the man over what they see, should they manage to track him down first.

Tags:live news, breaking news, latest news





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