Couples with the largest fortune in the world [pictures]

24 July 2015

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The company Wealth-X … decided to search the issue and listed the ten richest couples in the world, published in the Business Insider. In this list are included both self-made billionaires, and some who inherited their property.

From the US to France, Spain and China, these couples dominate the world. At the top of the list are Gates, as Bill and Melinda are the most generous couple.

Notably, in the top five are two pairs of the same family. Charles Koch- and his wife Elizampeth- and his brother David and his wife Julia Koch.

10.Tzeims and Lynn Walton

Combinatorial net worth: 36.2 billion dollars

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  1. Mark Zoukermpergk and Priscilla Chan

Combinatorial net worth: 38.5 billion dollars

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  1. Bernard Arnault and Helen Mercier Arnault

Combinatorial net worth: 38.7 billion dollars

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  1. Jeff Bezos and MakKenzi

Combinatorial net worth: 39.8 billion dollars

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  1. Zianlin Wang and Ning Lin

Combinatorial net worth: 40.7 billion dollars

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  1. Charles and Elizabeth Koch

Combinatorial net worth: 47.4 billion dollars

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  1. David and Julia Koch

Combinatorial net worth: 47.5 billion dollars

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  1. Warren Buffett and Astrid Menks

Combinatorial net worth: 65 billion dollars

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  1. Amansio Ortega Gaona and Flora Perez

Combinatorial net worth: 70.7 billion dollars

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  1. Bill and Melinda Gates

Combinatorial net worth: 85.7 billion dollars

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