British Museum looking five year old who broke a vase of 18th century

9 July 2015

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London, United Kingdom
Happy ending was the mischief of a five-year old, who during his visit to a museum in Britain broke a precious porcelain vase 18th century.

Last summer five year olds visited with his family to Ipswich Museum in Britain to see an exhibition of old objects made of porcelain.

Little seems tired navigates the museum and wanted to touch the exhibits, so throw down a jar from the 18th century broke into 65 small pieces.

“When did the damage, the five year started crying and his parents were very angry,” said the head of the museum, Carol Jones.

However, it took patience of Carrie Wills, conservator of works of art, which managed to paste the 65 pieces of the jar and put it back to its previous state.

Nobody, however, did not know the identity of the family of five year old urchin to inform them of the happy end of the story. For this reason, the museum decided to publish only appeal to detect small.

The announcement of the museum surpassed national boundaries, came to South Africa and the USA and turns the desired result.

The mother of the child who wanted to keep the anonymity of the museum contacted to inform them that she spoke to her son for the happy end of the story.
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