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Unbelievable: Anaconda found dead because it ate another anaconda (video)

4 August 2015

Breaking newsAn anaconda found dead in a forest. A group of men when they found it, they wanted to see what was in its bloated….read more



Chinese company builds houses in three hours!

3 August 2015

Chinese house-breaking news people re-el magazineAs the housing problem in China is large, the Chinese company ZhuoDa found the solution to create houses….read more



The bed alarm clock! (video)

2 August 2015

bed-breaking news-people re-el magazineThe … crazy inventor Colin Furze who is very popular on youtube, he replied to the request of many fans to….read more



This will be the super-city of 130 million inhabitants

1 August 2015

Big City-breaking news-people re-el magazineEconomic reform passes from urbanization in populous country in the world ….read more



1 August 2015

breaking news-people re-el magazineCrazy man: See how he proposed marriage to his girlfriend….read more



The puppy went crazy with condition air …(video)

31 July 2015

breaking news3-people re-el magazineOn the first day of high temperature, Jones turned on the air condition of his car, but ….read more



Fighter planes close to a Florida beach, sweeping everything (video)

31 July 2015

breaking news2-people re-el magazineThe sun ‘died’ suddenly for hundreds of bathers on the beach in Pensacola of Florida ….read more



He found $ 150,000 in the street and took them at his home!

31 July 2015

breaking news-people re-el magazineA foolish action was made by two employees in a company of refueling ATM in New Jersey of USA,….read more 



They wore two gorilla suits and went to a zoo, what followed was hilarious! (Video)

29 July 2015

gorila-breaking news-people re-el magazineTwo famous comedians in the world of the internet, Hamish and Andy, wore a full body gorilla costume and ….read more



Forget what you know- Instead of water this pool has wine (video)

28 July 2015

Breaking news1-people re-el magazineThe wine lovers probably will be thrilled with the idea and would love to have the privilege which most residents of ….read more




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