Brazilian Couple’s Frightening Cliffhanging Photos Will Make Your Heart Stop

5 July 2015

Leonardo Pereira said he admits to being afraid the first time he ever allowed himself to dangle from the almost 3,000-foot cliff of Pedra da Gavea in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“The first time I was a bit scared,” Pereira told ABC News. “I just sit down, but the next time I hang off and make Victoria do the same thing.”

Pereira, 23, said he met his girlfriend Victoria Nader, 18, while rock climbing in Rio.

In fact, Pereira said, one of the couple’s very first dates was hiking to the top of Pedra da Gavea.

“She was a bit afraid to sit down there, but I said ‘There’s no problem,'” Pereira recalled.

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PHOTO: The cliff’s location is Pedra da Gavea, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

The couple said they consider themselves avid adventurers who have made some daredevil moves in the midst of their travels including: rappelling down a 230-foot building, hiking to the top of the 9,488-foot mountain Pico da Bandeira, and, of course, dangling off the edge of Pedra da Gavea — one of the highest mountains in the world that juts above an ocean.

The couple’s heart-stopping traveling photos have received a great deal of onlookers visiting their Instagram pages — @leonardopereira1 and @victorianader1.

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PHOTO: Leonardo Pereira and his girlfriend Victoria Nader consider themselves adventurers.

While there has been skepticism on whether the snapshots were merely photoshopped, Pereira insisted that every image is 100 percent real.

“There’s no rope, just my arm and [I] trust myself,” he said. “We love living on the edge, it’s make us alive and make us challenge ourselves.”

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PHOTO: Pereira said he used no ropes when he hung on to the edge.

“We love adrenaline and adventure things, there’s no time or weather that stop us,” Pereira added. “I think that everyday someone call us crazy, but I think crazy [isn’t] someone that you won’t like. There’s a quote that inspires me a lot: “‘If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal'”

Pereira said his and Nader’s next wild adventures will include an African safari and diving with great white sharks.