Athens – New York in one hour!

17 June 2015

The US military announced that tests of experimental ultrasonic vessel X-51A Waverider used a turbine engine type scramjet continue successfully and that the first official flight will take place in 2023. The vessel can make overseas trips within 60 minutes! The X-51A Waverider was built on behalf of the US Army from both companies. The design and construction of the vessel made by Boeing, while the turbine engine type scramjet manufactured by Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne. Turbine engine type scramjet (supersonic combustion avloothitis) offers speeds that until now only the rocket could offer. To operate the scramjets must first accelerate the rocket.

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The Waverider test program aims to create ultrasonic weapon systems, surveillance and reconnaissance systems and new ways of access to space. As scramjet type engines can use to burn the oxygen in the air, they can be lighter than conventional turbine engines, allowing more efficient and cheaper to launch satellites into space.