A “secret” island where all the people live without money close to nature! [images-video]

13 July 2015

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Lasqueti is a secret small island in Canada, where the majority of inhabitants live isolated and autonomous in nature and is proud of “it.

With very little industry or economy, most people just live, passing that need to survive off the land without much need of money. The 2011 census recorded 426 people living in Lasqueti (although a more recent date to a website says there are 350 residents), including 70 children.

According to the blog community, Lasqueti is “an island, with poets, artists, physicists, fishermen, loggers, farmers, planners, professional musicians, writers, some small-scale manufacturers and some education consultants, engineering, forestry and renewable energy. »

While some people use solar panels, wood stoves, wind and watermills, others choose to live without any electricity refma.Ektos from a bar and a cafe on the island, Lasqueti also has free shop where people can afisouni take things without monetary exchange.

The people who live there say they enjoy the feeling of eternity, community, and freedom offered by their home.
There is grocery store on the island, so people tend to keep their chickens and grow their own organic produce and foraging in the forest covering the rocky island.

Most people use composting toilets, and a resident of the island wrote a book called “How to chezeis in Lasqueti» for those not familiar with the concept of how this works in practice.

Some essential tips from residents Lasqueti: «If at any time, decide to come here, please keep this in mind: The Lasqueti not a utopian paradise, is not an” intentional community “, and probably not what you think that is – it’s just a relatively remote island inhabited by a small, tight-knit community, quirky, independent thinking and open-minded people, with its own unique culture and identity.

Come with an open mind, a willingness to discover something a little different. Resist the temptation to view over us your vision of what this place ‘should’ be. It is what it is, and we like it just as it is. If you can not compromise with it, then you are able to find you here.


In the following short documentaries, a journalist go to meet people of the island, to learn more about life at this beautiful, forgotten by time island.