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24 July 2015

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Nothing more holy, more powerful, more irreplaceable than maternal love, the sacrifice of the mother for her own guts.

The photo that moved thousands of people online, belongs to photographer Kate Murray, and depicts a young woman with mastectomy to breastfeed her newborn baby.
And you should have heart of stone to not to overwhelm true thrill of the power that stems not only from the photo, but also by the story of this woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer, being already pregnant and even in the third stage.

The woman personal details have not revealed when she unprecedented bravery her illness and underwent chemotherapy and mastectomy, managing in the end to bring in the world a beautiful healthy baby boy. And when immediately after birth brought on one remaining nipple to give him in tears the valuable food, the photographic impression of this unparalleled moment in a single click captured the essence of life itself, the power of human soul, love of a mother endures all, all defeats, all purifies …

people re-el magazine

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