9 mistakes that costed billions

12 July 2015

10 mistakes that cost billions-1-breaking news-people re-el magazine

No one is infallible and certainly many of us we are in a difficult position to regret any mistakes that we have done in the past, both personal as well as professional level.

However, these errors are of those who literally changed the course of history, causing losses of billions.

1. To reject the JK Rowling is not cunning

Twelve publishers rejected the manuscript scenario JK Rowling about Harry Potter, before the company Bloomsbury buy, following the advice of the 8-year old daughter of the president of the company, Alice.

His books were translated into 60 languages ​​and offering a profit of over a billion. US dollars in the same author.

2. Bitcoin and dry bread

James Howells bought 7.500 bitcoins in 2009 when their value was almost nil. In 2013 however, the mood reversed a bitcoin acquired the value of 613 pounds, giving the same portfolio of € 4.5 million pounds. The only problem? Leave the hard disk on drawer thrown for years. At the time of liquidation, they got rid of everything, even the hard drive “gold”. Having realized the great error, visited the health landfill in trying to track down among tons of garbage.


3. Why do not you press the trigger?

In 1914 Henry Tandey British soldier during the First World War, was confronted by a wounded and unarmed corporal, literally thrown into a ditch. He was none other than Adolf Hitler. However, the soldier, overtook him, without knowing who he is and of course, free to shoot him, though he could.

(The dispute over the accuracy of the story continues even today).

10 mistakes that cost billions-1-breaking news-people re-el magazine

4. Professional tears

In 2005, Japanese trader was found instead to sell one share for 610,000 yen, did the opposite. Sold 610,000 shares to a yen.

Despite repeated calls by Mizuho Securities to cancel the transaction, the Tokyo Stock Exchange declined and the company was forced to buy back the shares, with the double value anymore.

5. Do not mess with Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan, the leader of the Mongols decided to open diplomatic and trade relations with Ala ad-Din Muhammada, the neighboring empire Shah the Khwarezmid, the current Iran / Iraq during the 13th century. However, the offer was rejected, culminating a diplomat, the Mongol beheaded. Khan reacted so angrily, that sent 200,000 warriors in order to dissolve the neighboring empire. So it happened!

6. How can you refuse to hire “guru”?

The Facebook company rejected the applications for a job developer Brian Acton and Jan Koum, in 2009. A few years later, the major means of social networking, had to pay 19 billion. Dollars for the acquisition of application Whatsapp, the application that the two friends ” They set up “immediately after being discharged from the FB.

7. All good cannot be together

The French Railway Company spent over 15 million dollars for the purchase of ultramodern trains this year. However, calculated without the hotelier. Trains have proved much wider than the 1,300 docks. One problem that now requires more than 50 million euro repaired. “It’s like buying a car without calculate the exact dimensions of your garage,” said the president of the company.

8. If I knew it…..

In 1962 the record company Decca was trying to find an upcoming band, in order to conclude a contract agreement. Eventually, the Tremeloes earn with breast difference. The band refused, so-called Beatles.

10 mistakes that cost billions-1-breaking news-people re-el magazine

9. The fatal misspelling

Lawsuit against the British government and even € 9 million. Pounds presented company for a single “s”. This misspelling was to prove fatal for the British government. Over 250 people lost their jobs when the Companies House wrote the wrong name company Taylor and Sons, a successful 124 year old Welsh family company and turned it into Taylor and Son – forgetting essentially a final -s, a company unlike last, liquidated after bankruptcy.