Zodiac defects

28 June 2015

Looking the characteristics of each zodiac, but you want to find and their defects? See the problems facing each zodiac sign!

Each zodiac sign as you well know has its own distinct personality, with its positive and negatives.

Positive pretty much all know as it is what we want to present to others, but what is the basic negative of each zodiac?

And somewhere here, general information that someone needs to be careful in relation to each zodiac sign, is mentioned.

The ideal of course would be to read your fault and want to fix it, but do not ask much.

You’re ready, you start?

Your biggest problem is that you have no grip on what you say, so I do not listen to nobody. But in the end everything all run to you to take the baton and help them.


When anyone who tries to help you to improve some things in your life, you always think that before people see this everything was perfect.


You can not be with people who do not have humor , even if it is your own people. Generally you show that you do not need someone who is permanently sensitive.


Blindness. Love too loud and you continue to give out every time your attention to the wrong people, even when all you are told to leave.


You requires from everybody to trust you and you also want to control everything, even if it is not relevant to your life. Of course because it never happens at the end you become mad.


You become frustrated too easily, since by nature you are very pessimistic when something bothers you, everyone knows it.


You’re too busy trying to please everyone and you don’t want to make wrong choices just avoiding to annoy the others.


You do not trust the world almost at all, because you think everyone else has something very dark trying constantly to hide.


Sagittarians are very spontaneous and sincere. They do not think before they speak and say the first thing that comes to their mind and certainly not ever apologize because they believe that they did what they had to do.


You’re trying to achieve your goals, until becoming exhausted mentally and physically and you have no strength to give importance to any other else except from yourself.


You want to keep people at a distance, because you believe that you protect yourself from being opened to someone and feel emotions, but also to get hurt.


You’re trying to get away through music and you are also making everyday big dreams in order to avoid the real problems that lie ahead of you.

Source: socialista.com.cy