Will you reconnect with you ex-boyfriend? See his star sign!

12 July 2015

Astrology people re-el magazine

You divorced and want him to return back to you? Have you changed many behaviors and you have not  accomplished anything? Does he refuses stubbornly to be back in your arms?

Learn how you should act to achieve the safe reconnection.

While you do everything to bring him close to you and enjoy the love and affection with the leader of the zodiac, someone else entered into his life and earned him. However, you should not be disappointed and give up quickly. Enlist your purchasing power in the sexiest lingerie and clothes market and appear in front of him as new Megan Fox, with confidence and temperament. Show him with those possible ways that only he is the most important chapter in your life. Remind him the unforgettable sexual experiences you had together. This is the most confident and effective way to have him back.

Adherence to your job, the continuous indifference regarding the practical needs of your Taurus. Only those may be the reasons that such a constant representative of the zodiac, seeking love and security in a foreign embrace. To bring him back now, you should re-gain his confidence and offer him generously all your housekeeping abilities, including preparing constantly enjoyable and romantic dinners, reminding him the dreams that you made together last summer for a loving family and making the table full of delicious meals.

Reconnection with him is very easy. Let the space and time to be in foreign hugs and become dissapointed. Give him the feeling that you being far from him you are better and create him the impression that you have already found someone else. Then you will see him in front of you begging for your love. Flushing the imagination and have no idea how he will arouse yours with his return.

Difficult road you chose, if you decide to go back to the insecure and distrustful cancer. He will make your life difficult and you do not know if it is worth it to get into this process. You should have patience and perseverance and challenge him with polite and calm way by the current situation. Invite him in your home, supposing that you want to talk him about something serious that happened to you and the right time fall into his arms. You’ll get time to regain his confidence and always have to be ready for what absurd asking you. Make all of his favor again, and do not forget to pretend the second “mother” of when and where is needed. Good luck !!!

Like all the animals bowed to the king of the animal, so all females bow to the charm of the leo. So it is easy to understand, how much effort is needed and how many tricks must invent to get behind the “leader.” Treat him with dignity and pride, show your most sincere feelings (to a degree) and either was your fault for the separation or not ask him forgiveness. Never complain about who is responsible for the separation and not make him feel guilty, because you would not see him again. Take action to increase your self-confidence at all levels. The lions always like compliments and in case the separation was not your fault,  he will return to his former kingdom.

That broke up with the representative of grumbling of the zodiac is understandable. But it is a wonder for all of us that you want him back. Just come in front of him and show him that you are ready to do everything to bring him back to you. Ask him a second chance (even if this is the millionth), remind him the reasons and causes of your harmonious common life (not say him that you are the only one who can tolerate him). Express “supposedly” your hidden thoughts about the economy and the family (and perhaps finally convince him). Suggest him cultural events, prepare a romantic trip nearby and listen to him for hours talking about his job.

The aesthetics and balance are essential to charm again him. First discovered your true feelings and the reasons you want to be with him again and then make the necessary moves to approach him. Librans give too much importance to your appearance and your lifestyle. So if you recently left your relationship and you got extra weight,  take care to lose it quickly and be renewed. If your home, work and your social environment disrupted because of your adherence to him, first balance your life and then take the road of seduction. Treat him with sweetness, tenderness, love and care, and impress him with the progress you’ve made so far in the “mess” of your life. If you implement all of these, you will be together again.

With a scorpio get ready for lustful blows below the waist. Arming with the most irresistible smile you have, wear your most sensual clothes and enter into the game of seduction dynamically. Create a scene that refers to the movie with the same prey and perpetrator you. Erotic innuendo and words that hide your willing to meet him again is the first step of contact with him.  You should also offer him both safety and the need to be released by your side. So find tricks that will make him feel unique and indispensable in your life. Revelation of your deepest secrets and decorate your words and your dreams with the most seductive adjectives. The magical mystery is what will lead you to the road of success.

When you were you confident that all is well with your favorite heartbreaking Sagittarius and you are one step before the reconnection, suddenly he took the white horse and left. The first thing to do is to leave him for a few days in his quiet, so you can take your time to review your needs and plan the reconnection. During this time it is advisable to cut any communication bridge between you and him, because this would make him feel that he is losing you. If you follow this tactic is certain that he will call you (in supposedly friendly way) to learn your news. Make him believe that things are better now for you and that you finally can live and prosper without his presence in your life. He will be upset and will ask for your forgiveness. Do not fall into the error of his charm immediately, but make him to worry a little bit more. Archers, without exception, want to feel constantly hunters, so you offer him the satisfaction to the fullest and you will have him for ever.

In rough paths you put yourself if you take a Capricorn away from your side and want to bring him back to your life. Firstly try to keep friendly contacts with him, call him often to learn news, and keep contact with your mutual friends and acquaintances to be ubiquitous. Capricorns have a strong need to feel they belong to a group and keep family and friendly ties. Become part thereof, to a fight and you behave accordingly. If separation was your own fault  is too difficult to return whatever sacrifices you do. If  not, give him to understand who and what went wrong using reasonable evidence, show him love and the need of his presence in your life and satisfy all of his sexual fantasies. Perhaps the latter makes the crucial step of reconnecting. If this has no any result, then forget it and look for another partner soon.

An Aquarian go and come into a relationship with the same ease that a bee searches for food in a variety of flowers. Independent and highly liberal by nature, at any time feel trapped in a situation, leave without looking back. The most important is not to press him. Make him believe that he is free to do what he wants and if you succeed made drastic actions that will dissuade him. Originally become again his friend, share things with him. At this crossroads, not to satisfy his sexual desire, claiming that now you’re friends and friends do not do “such”. This is where he will lose the earth under his feet and he will try to gain you. Game is over !!!

Easy to bring back your favorite Pisces, in order not having hurt his heart irreparably. Treat him with kindness and patience and the first steps to get close again will be easy and fast. Ask forgiveness, claim him back from the beginning. Offer him unexpected gifts, open widely your soul and your thoughts, get in his arms, contemplate moments and dreams you did together and the key to success will be in your pocket. Pay attention only to build a romantic setting that excites the imagination, because it is tremendously important. The more decorations and beautiful music, the sooner you will get the desired effect.