What part of your body is associated with your star sign?

24 July 2015

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Aries is the first sign of Fire. It has an innovative, lively and dynamic nature. It is the first cardinal signs and symbolizes the beginning of an era, in this case spring. The rebirth and creativity characterize those born in this sign driven from Mars, a planet active and dominant.

Aries rules the head, including the eyes and nose. Even the DNA, the molecule that guards the cell’s genetic code, subject to the influence of this sign, which is symbol of a stylized ram’s head. The problems of vision, such as nearsightedness and astigmatism, the upper respiratory tract (eg, sinusitis) and difficult to recognize the odors or, conversely, the hypersensitive smell is classic features, physiologically, for this star sign .

Prevention: To the irritation of the upper respiratory tract, you can use a saline solution, which can either be purchased from the pharmacy ready or to prepare at home. Boil one liter with a tablespoon of salt. Allow to cool for 10-20 minutes. Then, with a dropper into each nostril dripping 5-10 drops once or twice a day.


Taurus is the sign of Venus, identified with fertility and femininity. So this is the first sign in the zodiac feminine quality. It is characterized by its stability and its representatives face changes with some resentment.

The most common hassles that taurus faces are related to reproductive-sexual sphere. Women of the sign may have problems with the cycle of menstruation, ovarian cysts and problems in the womb. Besides, delicate for taurus is the neck region, with glands located in this part of the body. So they must pay attention to the issues of thyroid and hormonal imbalances. Also the skin problems of the scalp (such as seborrheic dermatitis, due to excessive secretions of sebaceous glands) can be displayed to the representatives of this sign.

Prevention: The comedones, excess sebum on skin and ovarian cysts may be due to excessive androgen hormone production. Appropriate contraceptive pills may recommend the gynecologist, balance this situation. Also, the water in which boiled chestnut leaves in hair rinse reduces excess oil on the scalp.


Gemini, the first Air sign, ruled by Mercury. In ancient times the homonym God was the messenger of the gods and the planet ruling the movements, changes and movement in general. Moreover, the element of air enhances the lighthearted and openness of the representatives of this sign. As Gemini is a dual sign, they have a special connection with the double respiratory organs, lungs and bronchi.

Mercury governs all exchange and communication pathways of the human body. The diaphragm, the bronchi, lungs and trachea are the vulnerabilities of Gemini, who often can suffer from allergies. Also, joints and nervous system is sensitive spots for representatives of the sign, which made more easily than other signs of excessive physical effort and stress. So it may often be faced with tendonitis, muscle sprains and nervous exhaustion.

Prevention: If you belong to this sign, it’ll make you learn to breathe in the right way, using the entire respiratory system, from nose to the lower part of the lungs. Proper deep and calm breathing will help you deal and your nervousness. Even cared to move fully aware that not mishandle the muscles, tendons and your joints.


The Moon, symbol of motherhood and natural rhythms, governs this sign, which is so moody and sensitive to changes. The Moon has a special influence in the stomach, pancreas, breast during breastfeeding and the placenta during pregnancy. Cancer is a water sign. This factor, combined with the Moon, strengthens the connection are the representatives of this sign in the amniotic fluid (which is immersed the fetus) and gastric juices, which are necessary for digestion.

Those who were born in this sign feel with greater intensity the parent influences and therefore have an inherited predisposition to various health problems, from their parents. But could show sudden mood changes. Still, they are particularly sensitive to weather changes. Finally, it is possible to suffer from problems related to nutrition, such as diabetes and obesity, especially if there is a similar family history.

Prevention: If you belong to this sign, one that will help when you feel somewhat fallen is contact your element, in other words a good bath. And if you throw in the bath 10 to 20 drops of essential oil of bergamot or geranium will aid considerably the result. With the same essential oils you can do massage.


The Lions show off small typical energy of this sign of Fire, an energy dynamic, lively, focused on leadership and autonomy. Their commander Sun also controls their heart, the organ that conducts as the blood pump in the body. Also, the veins and arteries, the vertebrae and the back ribs under the influence of this star which, together with the Moon, regulates our biological rhythms.

If you were born in the sign of Leo, probably shows a sensitivity to circulatory issues (weight on legs, varicose veins) and cardiac disturbances (arrhythmias, palpitations). It takes the same time attention in hypertension (especially the blood pressure exceeds 85 minimum and 135 maximum), in scoliosis and other inconveniences of the spine. Back pain is another problem that may occasionally make you worry.

Prevention: The traffic is the best way to eradicate the possibility of problems with your circulatory and discomfort in the back. If you do not do well with exercise, start with something easy like a walk each day. Gradually you can intensify your exercise. Before addressing a demanding sport, do good evil a checkup. Also will benefit special elastic stockings that help the blood circulation in the legs.


Virgos, like Gemini, are under the influence of Mercury. But as the Virgo is Earth sign, the communicative effect of the governor expressed more through internal “exchange” of abdominal organs, namely the functioning of the intestines, pancreas, liver. These organs help the body absorb nutrients and expel harmful, with balance, accuracy and stability. Just that features people born under the sign of Virgo.

Similarly, the somewhat … lazy intestine and some discomfort in the liver is the most common health problems of the Virgins. Also ease sticking transmissible infections, often derived from food. Generally this sign suffers from anything connected to the unbalanced diet or insufficient assimilation of nutrients.

Prevention: Constipation is an embarrassing situation. If you belong to this sign, make sure to get enough foods rich in fiber such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Eat at least one yogurt a day, preferably with your breakfast. Lactobacilli contained in this natural and healthy dessert, motivate even the most lazy intestine.


The balance, harmony and moderation are the features of Libra, which is dominated by Venus, but is also influenced by Saturn. The sign and these two planets governing bodies related to the overall balance of the body: the kidneys, which act as filters, adrenals and partly and liver.

Those born in this sign, struggle to adapt to whatever disrupts their usual routine. Psychologically affected by climate disagreements in their environment becomes stressed against important decisions and even, annoyed when changing the schedule of their activities, but their diet. Probably at some point in their lives they have problems with kidney stones and hormonal imbalances.

Prevention: To not have problems with the urinary system, make sure to drink at least a half liter of water a day and other liquids such as fruit and vegetable juices or drinks. So helping your kidneys to effectively carry out the function of purification of your body.


Pluto and Mars are the planets that affect more Scorpio. These govern reproductive organs, colon, bladder, the urinary tract and spleen to all who are born in this sign of Water. They also affect the body’s secretions, perspiration, urination and defecation.

Men Scorpions face mainly problems with the prostate and bladder. Women, again, are susceptible to infection and inflammation of the genital organs, such as fungal infections, as that caused by the fungus Candida, a common “resident” mucous. Moreover, many representatives of the sign can suffer from an inconvenience that occurs in a specific area of ​​the body: hemorrhoids.

Prevention: When you go for a swim in the sea or pool, remember to change wet swimsuits (humidity favors the proliferation of bacteria and fungi) and not sit on plastic chairs without them have covered with a towel to avoid touching sensitive areas with potential sources of contamination. During the year, to wash this part of your body in the direction from front to back and use a condom during sex.


This fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet that affects the muscles, especially their ability to constrict. The pelvis, hips and thighs are the “hot” spots of Sagittarius, but you should also watch the veins and arteries. Above all, however, the sensitive area is the liver.

The health problems of Sagittarius those linked to mobility. Those born in the last sign of the zodiac Fire can be prone to fractures and arthritis. But liver problems often occur to those who do not watch their diet and alcohol consumption.

Prevention: The fried foods, alcohol, too much fat and stress is the enemy of the liver. However and smoking should be avoided since nicotine, beyond damaging the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, particularly infects hepatocytes. And so favors the deposition of fats and toxins in this institution. Something that can help the health of the liver is the brew of rosemary and lemon balm. In a cup of boiling water, put 50gr. of each herb, leave for 20 minutes, strain it and drink it. It can been served very pleasant even if it becomes cool.


Tight and somewhat rigid Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and is connected in line with the “hard” parts of the body: the skeleton, especially the joints of the knees, teeth, nails and the hair.

Brittle bones are a common problem of those who belong to the zodiac sign of Capricorn. You must therefore be careful fractures and above the tear meniscus. Another issue associated with lack of calcium is the decay which occurs at an early age, both men and women Capricorns. These may also develop cysts in the breast and uterine fibroids in the womb, as the possibility of early menopause.

Prevention: Adequate calcium intake will ensure your good bone health until old age and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. For an adult woman is not pregnant, the recommended amount of calcium is 800-1000 mg per day. Foods that are a good source of calcium is cheese, milk, yogurt, eggs and shrimp. Take care not missing from your diet. Also, remember that for sprains the best immediate treatment is to put ice in order to avoid swelling.


Those born in this sign have a strong influence of Uranus, which rules Aquarius. Sensitive respects is ankles and bone marrow. But they can occur and problems that concern the movement and blood pressure. Aquarius is opposite Leo in the zodiac sign that is also associated with blood.

So if you are Aquarius, you  can often get muscle cramps as well as sprains and ankle fractures. Also watch out your blood pressure. The bloodstream can present you some problems that occur with tingling sensation in the hands.

Prevention: To prevent cramps, make sure your diet is balanced, based on foods rich in minerals, especially potassium and magnesium. If you eat more bananas and kiwis, you get these elements in the most delicious and natural way. If you have cramp in the calf or thigh, stop just one step from a wall, leaned over with your palms and bring the front leg does not hurt with the knee slightly bent. Stretch your leg if you have cramp and pressing your foot stay in this position for five minutes or as much as you can afford.


The last sign is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. As the matches of body parts with signs starting at the head with Aries and proceed going down, now we come to the soles. The sensitivities of Pisces they found in this region and beyond. As at the close of the zodiac Pisces adjacent to the Ram, the sensibilities of the zodiac representatives also includes the cerebral cortex and the hypothalamus-pituitary system. The first is a part of the brain and the other a gland including controlling menstrual cycle.

Swollen feet due to circulatory problems and fatigue are common sense problems of Pisces. But nerve disturbances, such as depression, may hit this sign of Water, suffering from severe mood swings and tends to embody every difficulty faced in life.

Prevention: To prevent swelling in the legs made sure to walk at least 20 minutes a day. At night, sleeping, put a pillow under your ankles, that blood returns more easily to the heart. Even before sleep, to make a soothing foot bath with baking soda (one tablespoon in two liters of warm water).