Weekly RomanticScope:(From November 23, 2015 thru November 29, 2015)

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22 November 2015

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You’ve got boldness and charm both working for you on Monday — quite a winning combination! Go ahead and bowl ’em over. Watch for some subliminal messages in the realm of romance on Tuesday or Wednesday; your ability to tune into the subtleties of the situation is key. Make a date to take in some culture between Thursday and Saturday. Your passion is contagious, and you’re extra appealing when you’re all inspired, whether it’s by a punk rock show or the opera. Toward the end of the weekend, take a breather and get yourself grounded.


Snap out of your routine by trying on a new persona on Monday. It’s amazing how freeing a mask is, providing just the dose of romantic courage you need. Your possessive streak could be prominent in the early part of the week, but feelings and people need space to grow — yourself included, when you think about it. Financial matters may occupy you on Thursday or Friday, but remember they’re less important than emotional ones. By the weekend, you’re much more centered, and it’s an excellent time for you personally. Priorities and perspective in matters of the heart come easily now.


Scare up some fun and romance on Monday — with your charm factor way up, it shouldn’t be difficult at all. The early part of the week is perfect for some amorous information-gathering — you’re a veritable sleuth of the heart, whether you’re fishing around about someone new or looking deeper into an existing relationship. Your usual flexibility may desert you between Thursday and Saturday, but being dogmatic about a romantic situation gets you nowhere fast. Consciously adopt a different perspective — then try on yet another one. Be frank this weekend in order to clarify matters.


Get out of the house and shake things up on Monday. Matters of the heart may not be smooth as silk, but a little texture keeps things interesting. Tuesday and Wednesday could find you with a fear of the unknown, but don’t close yourself off completely. Indecision can be a fine way to stay open to your romantic options. Give yourself some props toward the end of the week, and devote some of your famous T.L.C. to yourself. Admit it: You’re really, really worth it. If you feel like being a homebody this weekend, relax and enjoy. If you decide to go out, well, look out, world!


Grab your honey or your wingperson and impersonate your favorite couple on Monday — Sonny and Cher, Laurel and Hardy, whoever — you’re half of a great combo now, so enjoy. Then some introspection is happening; you’re highly perceptive, so take a look at your interactions with a certain person and how they make your heart feel. Thursday through Saturday are super-great for dates, flirting and just enjoying a general aura of love, sweet love. Your fearlessness can win you hearts. Think about first impressions this weekend — yours and the ones others are making on you.


Show a completely different side of yourself on Monday, and you could end up in a very interesting duo. Settle down and truly listen to what someone’s saying on Tuesday and Wednesday, and respond with both your heart and your intellect (one won’t function too well without the other!). Your love of family — whether your biological one or your adopted urban tribe — is strong toward the end of the week, but it shouldn’t be to the exclusion of romance. Break out and take a risk on your own. Let the housework wait this weekend; the stars say it’s time for fun — and love!


You’ll get more than your fair share of attention on Monday — way more, without even trying. Let others deal with elaborate getups; you’ve got it naturally. Work stuff is in the stars Tuesday and Wednesday; think deeply about whether you love your job and what you can do about it. Through the end of the week and well into Saturday, your innate romantic nature benefits from some mind- and heart-expanding stuff. Reaching out is bound to be rewarded now, whether to somebody new or to a new place with a sweetheart. You’re feeling serious this weekend, but don’t go overboard.


Your wallflower disguise isn’t fooling anyone on Monday; there’s so much going on underneath the surface. Hot! And there’s no cooling trend on Tuesday and Wednesday, either; set up a great date or make an interesting proposal to someone sweet to take advantage of the cosmic energy. Engage a little skepticism toward the end of the week, and make sure your own romantic motives are pure. This weekend’s a fine time to test some new waters in the love arena — heck, throw some bubbles in and light some candles while you’re at it.


Be your own hero on Monday, and watch like-minded (that means smart and hot) people helplessly swoon. You’re worthy of such admiration, superpowers or not. Tuesday and Wednesday bring a roller coaster of moods; instead of just riding along, figure out where these highs and lows are coming from. The end of the week is excellent for fun and friends, and the generosity and confidence you’re radiating are mighty attractive to more-than-friends as well. Plans for the weekend should be low budget, but that doesn’t mean high times are out of the question.


You know what all work and no play makes you, and Monday’s a great time to play, so bust out. The power of love is strong on Tuesday and Wednesday — could it be that you have a decision to make? Look at it objectively and let your heart weigh in too. Romantic matters may not measure up to your ideals toward the end of the week, but you’ve got to admit, those ideals are sky-high. Consider giving ’em a second chance — a friend can help you decide. Saturday’s the best date night all week, hands down, so get your plans lined up — they’ll work out even better than anticipated.


Your alter ego can come out to play on Monday, and it’s mighty interesting to see who and what you attract in this different guise. New or deeper connections are a distinct possibility; if that’s what you want, go for it. Feelings about moving forward come up on Tuesday or Wednesday, whether it’s in your career or your love life. Get some time alone to process and deal. Make a big entrance at the end of the week, especially in a group setting — something unexpected (and unexpectedly good) could happen now. A romantic plan — and sticking to it — is remarkably helpful this weekend.


Stepping out of your usual routine paves the way for a new path on Monday, so lose the inhibitions — or at least some of them. Continue the progress by unearthing some interesting stuff on Tuesday and Wednesday, whether it’s your own emotions or someone else’s past. The way to get through your hesitancy is to learn more. Your romantic instincts are right on toward the end of the week; it really pays to tune into nonverbal cues when you can read them this well. A friend can get by with a little help from you this weekend; you’re a great support.

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