The zodiacs and good memory! What zodiacs forget ..even their names?

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Since we are in a Mercury retrograde period we have the perfect excuse for being late to our appointments, to forget important dates (the first kiss, birthdays, weddings) leave the stove on and how many others that do leave us expose to the eyes of others.

But what if  the perfect excuse does not exist? Some people are champions in ..forgetting, or daydreaming, or sometimes by indifference, but also to stress, that actually makes in mnemonics sabotage. .
Can this be influenced by the zodiac? Well, there is role of zodiac here …

Aries makes over 24 hours so much things and so quickly, that is reasonable for them some trifles to stay outside. The designation “trifles” included in the response to be given, if the blame for its failure. Little foolish and you, so awesome was it? Of course, upset too if the consequences of the carelessness cause inconvenience, loss of time or risk, eg be shut out of the house on a rainy winter night. So the best you have to do, if you’re with him, is … the duck, not angered him more. Just next time, ask casually before you start, “Have you taken your keys?”

Taurus seeks to be perfectly organized and for this to forget something seems unacceptable. He spoils the self-esteem and the idea that wants to have the brilliant mind. If certain situations or people to push, detuned and escape things, is something that makes him furious. In addition to creating a sense of loss of control, that is the worst thing for a Taurus. Leave them to work with their rhythms, and everything will be fine. But if the straining will be your fault to some extent at least, to be forgotten e.g. his cell phone at the restaurant because you insisted to leave as if you were hunting …

Gemini says that remembers everything. Of course, the practice shows that we remember them constantly and no moments that need to use them in some way. When found they forgot something, he claims that was not the case. He had constantly on his mind, but an intervening cause “force majeure” to release him from his own responsibility. Not only had not forgotten the feast, but it would take you and gift, if you do not call him off to an important meeting … Assembly building for oil was, but would make it look as if it was at least the Eurozone rescue committee.

Cancer has a good memory, but selective. As one of the largest “sentimentalists” of the zodiac, you will not forget anything concerning human relationships, such as festivals, anniversaries, promises, appointments, events … But the other issues of prosaic everyday forgotten like all the rest of the world. Or more. For example, you’ll get flowers on the anniversary of two months of your acquaintance, but not anyway and much to forget to pay electricity-water-telephone-plus. Can you help to search? And go to pay the bills? Are the flowers enough for you?

Leo can not be … caught unprepared. Did he forget? Which? No, you do wrong. They remembered. Just he was so busy with other important things. Leo are like stars, they need to have a personal assistant or secretary, to remind them of things and better for them to carry out on their behalf. If the unjust fate has given them this opportunity, they would assign their role to anyone else who is closer to them. I will tell you, for example, “Remind me to call my mother,” and from then the responsibility is yours. Do not forget, you got lost!
Virgo is versed in all techniques for strengthening the mnemonic. You can take and depending supplements to help. But anyway, the sense of duty and responsibility is so developed in him, that simply does not allow himself to forget. But because he wants to have and the relevant … back up, use extra reminder all possible means: agendas, stickers papers, mobile phones … So the percentage of things you can not forget is minimal. But if it happens a failure, they will be so frustrated, just because he did everything possible to prevent it.
Libra makes genuine efforts to obtain selective memory. As they remember more than they could, they endeavor to skillfully pushes the most annoying at the back of their mind. And piling up the other, lower priority but greater enjoyable in the hope that eventually the first will somehow fall into place by themselves or by someone else. Libra will never forget your birthday or that nice restaurant where it intends to close the table. Nor will fail to send greetings to all the social circle, is not small, for any appropriate occasion. But for the bill of the water, do not depend too much on them …

Scorpio never forgets anything. If they give such an impression, a reason would exist. Nothing is by chance with them … They may want to avoid an unpleasant social obligation with an innocent “Oh, but how I forgot it”. They have to be incredibly depressed psychologically to display … leaks of mnemonics. If this happens, they get angry with themselves and with the culprit of this pressure. But in general, they remember not only their own issues but also the issues of other people around them. “Have you taken your keys?”
Sagittarius has a very good memory in what the amused and selectively in all others. They will remember by heart all the routes that they will make during the two-month trip to the MiddleEast, but not your anniversary (especially this, not at all in his style). They will not forget to go the cat vaccine, but unpaid bills be stowed, without having even opened, the hall table. We said, selective memory. But because they are adorable ‘Smoothie’, they will apologize gracefully, with a disarming smile, and no one will hold malice, for any setting, omission or oversight of any kind.

Capricorn considers a matter of honor and pride not to forget things. As these are highly required, the higher the chances to keep at the forefront of his mind. And then deletes them triumphantly with a fantastic stroke, just untangle them, bringing the next things in place. This is not just a mind, it is a computer. Unlike most crowded, Capricorn is more likely to forget something fun rather than a chore. So you should not find it strange how he had escaped completely from going to the movies and eating with their friends, but they have not forgotten nor to wash the car, or to shear the lawn.

Aquarius remembers what it is considered important. Depending on his interests excluded forget when is the next gathering of volunteers handing out soup kitchens, or charity bazaar with vintage clothing and accessories at bargain prices. But to think quite likely to leave forgetting the keys to the front door in the lock from inside. Removed because he had his mind in the report or in a bazaar … Also think very likely they will systematically forget all sweet gestures that lend a touch of romance in their relationship. It would be sufficient for you that they come at all your appointments almost on time.
With Pisces, the issue is not how much they forget, but how much they remember. The fact that they reach adulthood and have retained their physical integrity is itself a miracle if, considering the times they came close to getting fired the forgotten pot on the stove, the times when riding or pedestrian caused panic in an intersection and timesthey ate expired food, because they haven’t looked at the date. Also it is a miracle that has not lost their home of overdue loans and they still have electricity and water. After all these miracles, it is selfishness and ingratitude to complain because they forget their appointments.