The stars reveal if he is husband material

3 July 2015

Young Couple Hugging

It may was really hard for you, but you finally found him and even you think that he is the one and only! The stars reveal if  he is… husband material or if you unjustly lose your time.


He loves adventure and only God knows whether he likes washing dishes. If you forced him to stay at home locked up, he probably will pass his whole day playing computer games.


When he stays at home, he can rest and relax and he will surely put down the book of recipes and cook a new food!


He likes rather to be with friends and wander here and there than sit inside the house. It is more possible to increase the phone bills when he stays at home,  forgeting to get the necessary for the child from the supermarket!


He would not mind playing dad even for your nephew so family life is a dream for him and he might know how to cook better than you!


The man wants your admiration and your attention then so the role of stay-at-home father would not make him fly and the joy. Not too practical and it is certainly not impossible to hire a cleaning company to make the house perfect.


He knows everything about cleanliness and eats healthy. The problem could be that he will want you to be careful with the cleaness of the house.


He likes to offer care to those around him and enjoys to stay at home, he will definitely want to please his family. Wait for the dinner table to be perfect decorated when you get back from work!


He is emotional for the family, enjoys the privacy and he is a good father. He may take from your shoulders the housekeeping but you should not expect it to be forever!


To stay at home and look after the child can release him from his job and certainly he will do everything  to have it all neatly.


He is practical, but taking care of others is not his strong point. You will do all the housekeeping work..


It is not impossible to play with the children as they are at home rather than washing the dishes, but it is sure that he is going to help you if you ask for his help.


He spent many hours in the house but just dreaming… He may be bored to go to the supermarket and he will not go to show you that it is not his best.