The 10 top erotic combinations of star signs!

5 July 2015

Astrology people re-el magazine

1. Scorpio woman & Taurus man: The combination of water and land makes everything bloom.

2. Aries man & Sagittarius woman: Sex is like fire, with the only difference that it does not cause burns.

3. Aquarius woman & Gemini man: Imagination creates the most incredible erotic scenarios.

4. Capricorn man & Virgo woman: the sensual nature forgets finally the “must” and “not”.

5. Pisces man & Scorpio woman: two water star signs transform a simple bed in a vast ocean eroticism.

6. Leo man & Cancer woman: A hot combination, blessed by the stars, the Sun and the Moon.

7. Capricorn woman & Scorpio man: They tied tightly together in a primitive sensual dance.

8. Cancer man & Scorpio woman: The ultimate couple for a mystical, sensual, enjoyable affair.

9. Aries female & Scorpio man: fire and water. Should we say further?

10. Libra woman & Cancer man: The sweeter, the sexiest and the most romantic erotic couple of all.